The 1st steam trap automatic controller  STRAPSHOOTER®

with embedded thermal camera

LEAKSHOOTER V3 + ultrasonic leak detector, air, gas, vacuum, steam leaks


To make it easier the diagnosis of  steam traps, also for beginners, SYNERGYS TECHNOLOGIES developped a software integrated in the LEAKSHOOTER, called STRAPSHOOTER®.

The STRAPSHOOTER® is the first software which gives you an automatic diagnosis of steam traps.

Logiciel d'analyse de purgeurs vapeurs, steam traps analyzer

Steam Traps Software : STRAPSHOOTER


Function : Ultrasonic leak detection

The ultrasonic method is more accurate to analyze and check steam traps. The ultrasonic waves in the traps are converted into audible sounds (heterodyne function). Steam traps usually work cyclically. In the traps there is a valve which is closed when steam is in  – no ultrasound produced – and the valve opens when filled with condensate – presence of ultrasounds – .

The length of a cycle depends of the load , pressure and type of steam traps. When listening to these cycles, the processor inside the LEAKSHOOTER  analyzed the ultrasound detected and is able to check if the steam trap works or not.

Must-have accessory : Contact probe

With the contact probe which works like a stethoscope the LEAKSHOOTER with its dedicated software STRAPSHOOTER will distinguish between the opened, closed or cycling state of the steam trap.

Standard kit consists of :

Ultrasonic detector LEAKSHOOTER V3, for airborne leak detection & steam trap analyzer  with embedded THERMAL CAMERA

Headphones with adjustable volume from 0 to 10

Charger for Lithium-ion rechargeable battery

USB cable

ABS transport case